Bank personal loan, its rates and conditions

The bank personal loan, entitled “miscellaneous loan” by the bank, allows you to carry out all types of projects without having to justify yourself. Let’s review the terms of this personal loan. We will then see if bank offers more or less advantageous rates than those of other banks and credit organizations.

Bank personal loan terms

Bank personal loan terms

The bank personal loan is a “miscellaneous loan”. This personal credit without proof of use is reserved for customers of the bank. It therefore differs from car loan or work credit, solutions involving justifying your project through proof (order form or quote).

What you need to know about the bank personal loan

  • Reserved for major bank customers
  • Amount: $ 760 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: 4 to 108 months
  • Rate: fixed APR
  • No booking fees
  • Principle immediate response
  • Early repayment – partial or full – free of charge
  • Non compulsory contribution
  • Possibility to receive the funds in one or more installments (only in branch)
  • Optional insurance
  • Legal withdrawal period: 14 days

Comparison of bank personal loan rates

Comparison of bank personal loan rates

Compare the bank personal loan with that of the best organizations in our comparator, on the basis of a 10,000 USD loan in 48 monthly payments.




The picture is freezing for the bank, much more expensive on average than the best online credit organizations. The rate applied by bank is actually in line with that proposed by the other big banks on the same criteria.

Indeed, banks are used to offering higher credit rates than those of organizations. Consumer credit is not their specialty. This is the reason why the majority of online credit specialists belong to large financial institutions. In our case, the credit organization behind bank is Cetelem.

Useful: the best organizations for a personal loan

Some online credit specialists are doing better than others on the issue of personal loan rates. This is the case with the Sofinco personal loan or the Cofidis personal loan. It is therefore preferable to approach these two specialists to make a request. The best option, however, is to make a comparison. Promotional rates can indeed be a game changer.


bank personal loan: what supporting documents are requested?

bank personal loan: what supporting documents are requested?

bank communicates transparently the list of supporting documents to be provided in the hope of obtaining a personal loan. Here is the exhaustive list of documents to prepare to hope to obtain funding:

  • The last 3 pay slips from each of the borrowers
  • The salary slip for the previous December (in the event of salary not domiciled at bank)
  • A copy of the last statement of account where the salary is domiciled
  • The original of the last tax notice
  • A rent receipt, if it is not debited from the bank account
  • Property tax (for owners only)
  • Evidence of consumer credit in progress

bank also reserves the right to request additional documents. For example, people on temporary or temporary contracts will generally have to provide a copy of their employment contract.

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