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Use online payday loan consolidation companies

Question Answer
How can I apply for payday loan consolidation? You can apply for a payday loan consolidation directly at, where they have a financial service stand, or by telephone or by filling in a contact form on the internet.
How much is the minimum and maximum amount that can be consolidated? The minimum is CZK 30,000, while the maximum amount of consolidation can be CZK 600,000.
What types of loans can be included in this consolidation? The consolidation of Pansoz loans includes not only classic cash and consumer loans, but you can also combine your credit cards, overdrafts, or hire-purchase.
Which personal documents will I need to process my application? Two IDs are always required, one of them must be a valid ID card. The other may be a passport, birth certificate or driver’s license.
What kind of documents should I prepare to negotiate consolidation? You need to have documents for all the loans you want to merge, such as copies of individual contracts or account statements.
Do I have a chance to get this loan, even if I’m unemployed? Unfortunately, no, the consolidation of Pansoz loans is intended only for people with permanent employment income, entrepreneurs or pensioners. The unemployed cannot get this consolidation.
Is consolidation also for pensioners? Yes, they need to substantiate the pension assessment and, if appropriate, approval depends on several factors such as age, pension amount and the amount of consolidation required.
Is it possible to arrange some insurance together with consolidation in case I would not be able to repay it? Yes, Pansoz Financial Services offers their clients the ability to pay, which you can arrange with your consolidation. This insurance is provided by Maxima pojišŇ•ovna as
Who is the provider of this loan – Pansoz or another company? The consolidation provider is the well-known Home Credit lending company, with which Pansoz’s financial services cooperate.
Why should I apply for a loan merger at Pansoz Financial Services? The big advantage is the fact that Home Credit is one of the leaders in the Czech market and offers some of the lowest interest. Plus there are not only low monthly installments, but also the possibility of postponing repayments, repayment changes, advantageous insurance of repayment and many other things. Consolidation with Pansoz Financial Services is definitely worthwhile.


Consolidation is intended for:

  • To those who have more different loans and want to repay only one company
  • Those who need to reduce the total amount they repay each month
  • Those who have regular income and are able to repay the consolidation properly
  • Employees, entrepreneurs and pensioners who are not insolvent

Consolidation not determined:

  • People who have no regular income
  • Those who need to merge loans in a total value of over CZK 600,000
  • Those who do not submit two identity documents or do not have individual loan documents
  • People in insolvency, execution or records in debtors’ registers

Quick information

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Loan Unification Conditions

  • 1 Of course, consolidation is only for adult candidates
  • 2 Another requirement is a steady source of income
  • 3 In addition to identity documents, the applicant must provide an account statement and a receipt
  • 4 You must have documentation (copies, statements, etc.) for each loan you want to consolidate

Features of this consolidation

  • Non-bank loan consolidation

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