Student loans are good to have but be sure to pay back

When it is time to start studying at a college or university and maybe even stand on their own legs for the first time, it is often the case that you are dependent on a little money to manage.

Maybe it is now that you move to your first home and money is needed for rent, food, schoolbooks, and other things

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Student Lender helps you with grants and loans and they have good terms, but you should avoid paying back when the time comes.

Student loans from Student Lender are a must for many and when you are studying it is obviously not particularly strange if you take out loans to finance your studies and your life while you are studying. During that period, you do not think much about how you will be able to repay the money to Student Lender when it is time, and you should not have to think about that right then.

The idea is that after studying you will find a job and then there will be no huge problems to pay what you owe

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But finding jobs and getting paid well is not always easy, even if you have a good education. More people nowadays have problems repaying to Student Lender, which means that there are as much as USD 2.15 billion in unpaid student loans and that about 130,000 people have payment notes as a result of unpaid debt to Student Lender. Just last year, the total debt increased by eight percent.

Priority should be given to debts to Student Lender and other authorities

Priority should be given to debts to Student Lender and other authorities

Student Lender has basically good terms for its loans. It is a low interest rate for you as a borrower, you have the opportunity to request a deferral of payments if you have no job and you do not have to repay very much a year even if your debts are quite large. So you should not complain about Student Lender and student loans too much, but what you can say is that you should not neglect to repay.

Student Lender and other agencies are usually quicker to send out reminders when you missed a payment than other companies. Similarly, Student Lender is also quick to pass on cases to Kronofogden in case someone does not pay their debt. Debts at Kronofogden lead to payment remarks, which in turn gives you a variety of problems with everything from borrowing money to obtaining mobile subscriptions. So Student Lender is pretty hot on the porridge and in other words you should pay on time if you can only, to avoid problems.


Usually, a reminder fee of USD 50 (which is the limit for what companies may charge if there is nothing special that makes it reasonable to charge more), but authorities do not have this limitation. For example, Student Lender takes a full USD 200 for each reminder they send, which is a juicy slant that you would like to avoid having to pay, especially if you are short of money.

This is another reason for trying to prioritize bills from just Student Lender and other authorities. All bills and debts are of course important, but when you have a little money shortfall and have to choose which bill to wait with, it can at least be good to know which ones you should not put on the shelf.


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